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Pet Frenzied Kids Card Game


Fur-Ever Home Fun Board Game

Pet Frenzied is the award winning, hide and seek, matching card game that can be played anywhere!  Adorable pets are hidden throughout a play area awaiting rescue.  Players grab a house card, then seek out and rescue a matching pet from the play area.  Play continues until all pets have been found.  Whoever makes the most matches is the winner.  Click here to BUY Pet Frenzied Today for only $9.99 and experience why Pet Frenzied was chosen for three top toy awards in 2013.

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Fur-Ever Home, The Animal Rescue Board Game is the award winning, fun board game where players run their own animal rescue business.  Players take in, care for, and adopt out animals while managing cash flow and business operations.  The person to adopt out the most points in animals, while not running out of money, is the winner. Click here to BUY Fur-Ever Home Today for only $24.99 and experience why Fur-Ever Home was voted Creative Child's Family Board Game of the year in the Socially Conscious Category!

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Petsapalooza LLC creates high quality, fun, and educational games for pet lovers that gets kids back to play.  All of our products are proudly made in the USA.  For each game purchased, we donate to animal rescues and shelters.